The Best Military Backpack: Analysis and Comparison of Tactical Backpacks

If you got here, I imagine you are looking for the perfect survival and adventure backpack. Or maybe not and I am facing an urban convinced that the only thing that interests him is to take all his things with him in a safe, comfortable, and practical way. It does not matter, both in one and another case you have reached the perfect place because from here you will not leave without the military backpack of your dreams. I’m going to talk to you about tactical backpacks, and I’ll introduce you to the best ones. Backpacks specifically designed to adapt to any need and circumstance. Off-road backpacks in the purest sense of the word.

They are called military backpacks because they are very similar to those used in armies, forces, and security forces. But as I said before, you may not want to use it, just take advantage of its special qualities and design. There are people who simply use them to carry their laptop, documents, camera, cables, chargers, etc. But they are prepared for much more. They are backpacks with a large number of compartments, both inside and out, super customizable and that adapt to any situation, however demanding.

Today, I want to show you the 5 best military and tactical backpacks, and I’m going to tell you why I think they are. In addition, I will leave a link where you can find them at a good price if you do not find where you live.

Features that a good military backpack must-have.

I do not want to extend much in this section because I am sure that if you are looking for a military backpack, you have more or less clear what you are looking for and what kind of qualities and characteristics it should have. Unless you are simply interested in the military look and not so much the benefits, but equally it is not bad to list even if it is above the points that I had in mind to select the backpacks that I will see later.

Military or tactical backpacks are not just because they carry the typical textile and camouflage colors used in armies from different parts of the world. In fact, they usually come in discreet and more urban colors, for use in other environments outside the typical outdoor and sports.

They are very practical and versatile backpacks that normally have great strength and durability. They are prepared to withstand a lot of abuse and do not leave you lying at the worst time, as well as to protect your cargo. They are waterproof, comfortable to carry backpacks and of course they have numerous compartments and the possibility of modifying their volume and capacity with systems such as the popular MOLLE, rings, hooks, etc.

The 5 best military backpacks

Without more, we will begin to see the tactical backpacks that I have selected as candidates for this top 5. I have preferred to stay in an acceptable price range but always complying with a series of minimums in terms of quality, qualities, performance, and durability. So do not be afraid, although there are much more expensive military backpack brands and models, the ones I have selected fully comply. And the best of all, you won’t have to sell a kidney on the black market to buy it.

Backpack Mil-Tec US Assault Military Tactical 36 Liters.

You cannot make a list or comparison of military backpacks without including some model of the Mil-Tec house. It would be a sin, and I will not commit it. It is one of the most popular military and tactical backpack brands and rightfully so. This model in question has a capacity of 36 liters, so ideal for use as a hiking bag or walking backpack or. It stands out for its great strength and durability. It shows as soon as you see that it is made to withstand all types of abuse. Very good materials and finishes and with an aesthetic that makes it suitable for urban use as well. Not surprisingly, I have taken one of these as hand luggage on my last trip.

What else can I tell you about her? Like many, as it has a water-resistant velcro pocket. It also has a lot of compartments of all sizes that are closed with two-way zippers. Possibility to adjust and control its volume depending on what you need to carry. It has a lot of straps to fix more things since it has a MOLLE system. Apart from these fixing points, there are numerous loops and D-rings on the shoulder straps, which by the way are super padded (also the backrest) and ergonomic.

The backpack itself has measures of 51x29x28 cm, weighs 1400 grams and is very pretty. Come on, if you’re worried about aesthetics and fashion, you don’t have to give up on that. Of course, it is waterproof.

HUKOER Tactical mountaineering backpack 36 liters.

The Hukoer backpack that I bring you next I also like very much. Aesthetically it moves away a bit from the military look and has a more conventional mountain backpack or hiking look. I highly recommend it for any outdoor activity, especially those that have to do with cycling or hiking, but you can use it for anything.

The characteristics of this military backpack do not differ much from those of the previous one and the following ones if you hurry me. It also adopts the MOLLE belt and velcro system, which makes it a super versatile backpack. It is made with a water repellent fabric called 600D Oxford, high durability and resistance. It is designed so that the weight is perfectly distributed and is very comfortable to carry at all times. It has numerous padded areas, as well as breathable mesh so that sweat does not accumulate. It also has numerous compartments of different sizes, some of them hidden discreetly to avoid lovers of the alien. Also, the zippers are two way.

TTLIFE Hiking backpack 30 Liters.

The people of TTLIFE make very good backpacks, and this one, in particular, was among my candidates the day I went to buy mine. That’s why I include it here. It is very similar in some ways to the Mil-Tec military backpack from the beginning and is the one I liked the most for a daily or urban use. For example, to take your laptop to work, documents, etc.

It has a capacity of thirty liters and is very comfortable since the back is completely padded and its ergonomic shape adapts to the shape of your back. It is also designed to dissipate friction and shock when walking and is fully breathable. So there are no problems derived from excessive sweating, especially when we use it on hot days or in outdoor activities.

Of course, you will find in it a multitude of compartments, straps, hooks, etc. to transport everything you need and more.

Mountaintop military backpack 40 liters.

Another reference brand that could not be missing is Mountaintop. They are dedicated to manufacturing not only backpacks, and surely you have ever had in your hands a case for cameras of this brand or another similar product.

The military backpack model that I present to you of this brand has an incredible capacity of 40 liters. It is a very “wearable” backpack, which I like to use in the city, but like all the backpacks of this article, where it gives everything is when we put it to the limit in outdoor activities.

It is a backpack that, like the others, has numerous MOLLE fixing points, rings, loops, and water-resistant compartments. In fact, it is completely waterproof, made of 600D Polyester, highly resistant. It weighs 1190 grams and has dimensions of 51x39x24 cm. It is very beautiful, and the truth is that little more to add.

Mardingtop backpack for camping and hiking 35 liters.

And finally, one that is not the last is the worst, much less. In fact, I like it a lot, and I could be perfectly occupying the top spot of this list since nothing is missing. In order not to curl up a lot, I step directly to enumerate some of its characteristics.

It has a capacity of thirty-five liters and is very light, only 1kg. It is made of 600D polyester and comes in several different patterns and colors, in case you want to get away from the typical military backpack look and make it more discreet in urban use. It is prepared to give you a lot of jogging and mistreatment, it is very resistant, adapted for any outdoor activity, hiking, camping, cycling, mountaineering or simply taking it on a trip as conventional luggage.

So you will find the typical, strong and secure zippers, visible and “invisible” compartments of different sizes, compartments with element organizers (office for example) — many loops, straps, fixing points, etc.

Well, that’s it, if you don’t leave here with a military backpack on your shoulder, I haven’t managed to convince you, but I’m sure it won’t be that way. They are the best! You will tell me.