Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick Review

Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick Review: In recent years, deer hunting has become a passion and hobby among hunters all over the world. As we know, it is a challenging sport; most hunters love to take the challenge, and so, they hunt the deer. During hunting, they use a lot of weaponry to become successful at hunting. Among these weapons, deer scent is also essential that hunters can’t ignore. Its actual job is to lure the deer by fooling the smelling sense. All deer scents can’t attract the animal, though. That’s why avid hunters always remain cautious while choosing a deer scent. They check every key factor before purchasing the stuff. And we should follow them to get the best one.

Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick Review

While looking for a suitable deer scent, first, we need to check whether it can cover up the body odor of our body or not. Secondly, we should inquire the fragrance whether it makes the deer finds itself comfortable around the smell, or it behaves cruelly. Lastly, we need to make sure it lasts for an extended time. These are the primary features of a deer scent. Some scents come with additional features, though. The Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick is that kind of scents which offer extra facilities for hunters. And for that, many deer hunters consider it as the best deer scent available in the market today. So, let’s check out its excellent features:

Highly durable

The Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick are considered as one of the sturdiest and effective scent attractants set available in the current market. These scents can attract the deer and help hunters for targeting.

Features different scents

The set comes with two different types of scents. One of them is useful for drawing bucks. And this scent is effective in rut seasons. Also, hunters can even use it in before or after rut season times as well.

The other scent also works well. It helps hunters by filling the air of the hunting area with the smell, and it smells like the bedding area of a deer. As a result, hunters can easily hit the target as it stays calm and quiet.

Other essential features

The set of the scents feature the wax stick formula. And so, hunters can surely rely on the hunting stuff. Because of this formula, users can easily use these scents whenever they need. As the manufacturer hasn’t used any preservatives, so, they won’t cause any negative side effect. Besides this formula, another significant feature of these scents is both of them won’t spill easily. Thus, hunters can carry them comfortably inside their hunting backpack. 


  • Comes with two types of scents
  • The VS-1 is useful in a pre-rut, rut and post-rut seasons
  • Can calm even a mature deer
  • Easy to use
  • Has no preservatives
  • Features no leakage
  • High quality
  • Durable stuff
  • Affordable price


  • The VS-1 works slower than EverCalm


Alluring the deer for the final shot is a challenging job. But this task can be easily done if you have a deer scent. All you need to do is to pick that deer scent and know the right time for applying the stuff. After mastering the task, anyone can be pro within a few months at attracting deer. And after becoming a professional hunter, it becomes easier for you to accomplish the deer hunting mission. 

But alternative things can take places if you choose the wrong deer scent. Because this type of scent can’t lure the deer and some of them can’t even smell like bedding, though. So, undoubtedly, it will be difficult for a hunter to hunt down deer without using the right deer attractant. In this article, we have reviewed a set of decent deer hunting scents which is the Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick. And these scents meet the professional hunter’s requirements. We hope that you find the stuff useful and can enjoy your hunting adventure.